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Rusty Lee Springfield has been performing as a solo muso since 1986 & during that time he played throughout N.S.W as well parts of Queensland & over the last twenty years he has been performing around the Hunter Valley NSW & also at country towns out side of Newcastle.
Mr Springfield has also ran Open Mic & Singer Songwriter Sessions , Band Jams & Comedy Nights, then in June 2017 Rusty had to reinvent himself due to the fact he had to give up performing gigs.
So after being  a solo muso for so long & a DJ for the last five years Mr Springfield still wanted to be involved with music.& decided to chase his other passion which was to produce Electronic Music.
” SOUTH HUT 6 ” the name comes from one of the paddocks from his late foster parents farm & seem to fit with Rusty’s new career path.

Rusty Lee only started using ” South Hut 6 ” several weeks before he produced his first EDM song which was ” Transition “.

My Transition

In October 2017 my song  ” TRANSITION ” was my transition from being a solo muso / songwriter to producing this style of music, this is my very first complete EDM mix.
I think it has a little bit of a CAJUN / ZYDECO in the mix , maybe I should call this style  ELECTRO ZYDECO I did a bit of research online & couldn’t find this Genre.

This song is on the 2018 album ” Unknown Destiny ”

Rusty Lee Springfield ( AKA / SH6 )